Pan-Canadian Technology Fund

Our Approach


PCTF will structure and oversee investments primarily in later stage information technology businesses that require and can support subordinated debt, or a combination of subordinated debt and equity instruments held in the investee company, for the purpose of growing the firm’s revenue and profitability prior to an exit transaction within the following five years. The Fund Manager will source, screen, structure and present for approval to the PCTF Investment Committee the most appropriate investment opportunities for the Fund’s investors. Once approved by the Investment committee, PCTFI will present the investment opportunity to PCTF investors who determine, in each instance, whether they want to invest.

Due Diligence

PCTFI has established detailed investment criteria to facilitate the evaluation of an investment opportunity. In general, the management team of a potential investee company is the key success factor. Having experience in both debt and equity investing, the Fund’s Managing Partners have a strong understanding of what is required of a successful management team. The Fund Manager will seek management with a significant track record of successfully delivering commercialized technology, sales growth, profitability, operating cash flow and strong operational experience and ability. PCTF will consider multiple other factors when making investment recommendations. Most notably these factors will include the strength and future prospects of the target investee company’s technology and intellectual property, record of sales growth, cash flow history, the business of the investment prospect, the amount of the investment, the investment’s structure, the potential for realization of profit on the investment’s exit strategy and the ease by which the investment can be managed.


PCTF’s Advisory Committee consists of independent advisory members who will assist the Fund Manager in identifying investment opportunities which meet the Fund’s investment criteria and meet periodically with the Managing Partners to discuss current investments and potential investment opportunities of the Fund in respect of overall investment merits, valuation, deal structuring, exit strategy, and on-going strategic advice to the portfolio companies. The Managing Partners will take a proactive role with investee companies in order to maximize returns to the Fund’s investors.